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Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) is currently undertaking the General Valuation of all properties in the municipal area in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act 6 of 2004.

The process is due for completion and implementation on 1 July 2014. The value will be based on a market value as at 1 July 2013. During the General Valuation 2013 process, BCMM will use comparative, analytical and other systems or techniques, including aerial photography and computer- assisted mass appraisal systems in order to generate values.

Section 45 of the Municipal Property Rates Act states: (1) Property must be valued in accordance with generally recognised valuation practices, methods and standards, and the provisions of the Act.
(2) For the purposes of subsection (1)
(a) Physical inspection of the property to be valued is optional; and
(b) Comparative, analytical and other systems or techniques may be used, including aerial photography and computer-assisted mass appraisal systems or techniques, taking into account changes in technology and valuation systems and techniques.

The new valuation roll will be submitted to the Municipal Manager by 31 January 2014 where after the valuation roll will be published for the inspection and objection phase.